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All Intensive Driving courses are on a one to one basis, there is no car sharing at Diamond Drive Intensive. We run courses from two days to eight days. We are 20 minutes from central London, based in the town of Hornchurch Essex.

Each day of each Intensive Driving course Leading up to the driving test includes 4 hours tuition and a ½ hour break, everybody needs a rest. On the day of your test you have 4 ½ hours, half an hour of this is a break and then an hour and a half of this for the test. You start on the first day of your course and have your practical test on the final day.

To take an intensive Driving course you need to have passed your theory test and we can arrange this for you if you wish.

If you are local to us or can travel then we recommend an assessment lesson where the instructor can guide you towards the correct Intensive Driving course for you. This is highly recommended because you do not want to spend more money than is necessary.
All our Intensive Driving courses are designed for different levels of learner drivers and the explanations below will guide you through the courses available.

  • 2 day course - £270.00
    For somebody who has very recently failed a driving test

  • 3 day course - £405.00
    For somebody with a lot of driving experience *

  • 4 day course - £540.00
    For somebody who has previous driving experience, for example 20 hours or more with an instructor

  • 5 day course - £673.00
    For someone who has had ten lessons or more with and instructor

  • 6 day course - £810.00
    For someone who has had ten lessons but is still a little unsure or nervous

  • 7 day course - £945.00
    For a confident person with little driving experience

  • 8 day course - £1080.00
    For a complete novice with no driving experience at all

All Intensive Driving Courses require a £108.00 deposit and (£62.00 Test Fee not included in course price)
Add £10 per day for Automatic
* This experience may have been with or without a driving instructor.
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Why take an Intensive Driving Course? There are quite a few reasons, When you take normal weekly driving lessons as opposed to a crash course the 1st thing that should be done is a recap on the previous driving lessons and then a briefing on what you are going to do on this lesson , including aims and objectives. As necessary as this is, it eats into your lesson time. You then have the lesson but at the end of the lesson you will need to be debriefed, pointing out strengths and weaknesses and finally explaining what you will be doing in your next driving lesson. So you can see this eats into your one hour of driving lesson time.
This differs on a crash course because you are out for four and a half hours and so you only have to do this once at the beginning and once at the end of the days driving course.
On a crash course you do not have a big gap in between lessons, you are out again the following day, no time to forget what you have learnt on the previous driving course lessons. Remember Intensive driving Crash courses take days not months. So if you want to pass your driving test quickly and efficiently book an intensive crash course. We do crash courses in Essex, crash courses in Suffolk crash courses in London and Residential crash courses.

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